Love Notes


Just wanted to say I loved the cleanse. You are obviously very passionate and super knowledgeable about all things nutrition and body and it showed immensely.  I loved your approach; the recipes were a huge help and delicious! The prep and post wrap up were really beneficial and the support on the FB page was great too. Nice to hear from people and know you are not alone. The fact that you did it with us too was telling and made you feel like one of us :)

-Tracy A. 

My goal was to de-toxify my body of all the non-health promoting foods I was eating before, get in a routine with the help of the other participants, and maybe lose some weight in the process. Yes, I did meet my goals!! My biggest takeaway was that I constantly ask myself: is this food going to do something good for my body or am I eating it just because it is there and I can? I read that line in your guide and it is so true!

-Jessica W.